Silvertip – Millennium Cup Video

Project Description


The owner of Silvertip, a 30 metre-long superyacht.


We were asked to capture Silvertip competing during the Millennium Cup regatta in the Bay of Islands, as a record of the day.


The video was filmed over three days during the Millennium Cup regatta in the Bay of Islands.

The ocean is a tricky fellow, as many Northlanders will appreciate, and a challenging environment to film in, but the footage is smooth and steady thanks to Glenn’s expertise with a hand-held gimbal in the chase boat.

Creative thinking was required to work out where to launch the drone from to get the different shots, as well as considering the different angles of the yacht relative to its track through the water.

The final result is a future-proof 4K resolution short movie with which the owner can re-live the excitement of the competition, a glass of liquid hedonism in hand.


Project Details




  • Video Production
  • Ground and Aerial Video

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