We create videos of homes and properties

We produce videos of our clients' properties using ground-based footage, as well as aerial video from cameras on our highly manoeuvrable drone.

Prospective buyers will benefit from a 90-second tour of your home and property using both ground and aerial video. Interested parties based in another part of the country, or overseas, will benefit from a 90-second video that gives them a genuine sense of what your home is like, as if they were there in person.

You don’t have to be a real estate agent to market your property professionally. We'll collaborate with you to help make the process of creating your real estate video straightforward and enjoyable.

We'll mix ground video of the interior of your house, and your garden, with aerial footage, to reveal the unique aspects of your home, property, and surrounding environment.

Property videos can also be created for farms, lifestyle blocks, coastal and large properties.

To see the real estate videos we’ve created, check out our YouTube channel.


  • First, we’ll gain an understanding about what features of your property you'd like to showcase.
  • We then work out the best time of day for shooting the video, so your property is well lit, and the tide is right.
  • After spending a few hours on site filming, we then head back to our office and start to create the video.
  • In post production we then choose the best video clips to work with and put them together so they flow together seamlessly.
  • The finished product is a polished video that can be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo and added to your property listing as a unique way to market your property.
  • We can include on-screen titles, a voice-over, or music. We work with copy editors and voice-over artists to provide the finishing touches to your real estate video.

Featured projects

Captain's Quarters Property Video

Pull in potential buyers from overseas or out of town with a property video. Ground and aerial video highlight the blue water, sun-drenched land, and picturesque views in all directions.

Paula Knight from Barfoot and Thompson required high-quality photos and video for this marketing campaign. A well-crafted voiceover by Melanie Vezey puts the finishing touch on the video.

If you're selling privately or through an agent, give Aerial Vision a call to discuss how we can hook potential buyers with your property marketing material.

The Ultimate Coastal Property

Spectacular ocean views are not enough with this 237ha property. From several glorious house sites, you can also look over two lakes and wetlands bounding the property.

Property marketed by Leigh Masefield, Kerikeri, and Claude Shepherd, Kerikeri - Barfoot and Thompson.