“Shapes” music video – Risky featuring Mara TK

Project Description

We love to collaborate with other creatives. The “Shapes” music video, filmed on Great Barrier Island, New Zealand has been one of our highlights. The collaboration between a talented New Zealand artist, Risky, and the video producers The Renegade Peach Project, has some great memories.

Our role was to capture the aerial aspects of the music video concepts. Which included some early morning sunrise climbs to be at the top of the cliff, and various other beautiful positions around the island.

“The drones from Aerial Vision worked perfectly, and we were able to capture far more footage in a diverse range of island locations than we had anticipated.  The alternative viewpoints that we were able to play with gave a very distinct and almost otherworldly aspect to the footage captured.” Mark and Sophie, The Renegade Peach Project. 

Project Details


  • Collaboration
  • Aerial Video

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