Premium results for your business or project

Corporate video

We create powerful video case studies and product demos that showcase your expertise.

Events video

Creative video from ground and air that captures the excitement of your big occasion.

Premium video

We'll pull out all the creative stops to capture the high points of your lifestyle.

Our process

Whether you want to make a video of your property for real estate marketing, a commercial video of your product in action,
or record your event for posterity, our process for ground and drone video production is similar. There are three basic stages:


From your initial contact with us, we’ll pull together all the information and requirements about your project, so we understand exactly what you need and the purpose of your project. Establishing strong foundations in pre-production is the most important part of the video production process.

The key things we’ll need to know might include:

  • Why is this video being created - what are your desired outcomes?
  • What is your budget?
  • What are you trying to communicate?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Where will your video be shown?
  • What is the deadline for producing your video?
  • Will we need aerial as well as ground-based photography and video?
  • What is the right length for your video?
  • What time of day does your property look it's best?
  • What features do you want to highlight?
  • What are the things you'd rather not show?
  • Who else needs to be involved in producing your video - a scriptwriter, voice-over artist?
  • Does the video need to be a particular length?
  • Do you want music with the video?

All these questions will help us to understand your project, so that when we're on site we film the right things. And this is your chance to ask as everything you want to know about our process, too.

From this we create a brief that includes all the critical elements that need to be included in your video.


The cameras roll, the magic happens. Basically, this is when we do our thing and shoot your video.

We’ll let you know how long we'll need to capture the footage, and also what we need from you on the day or beforehand so the shoot goes to plan. Sometimes we may need a health and safety induction for hazardous areas, maybe even an escort on site.


This is where the all the footage we’ve captured gets the once over, and the video starts to take shape. We compile your video using the best parts of the footage. Colour correction gets done to make everything look the best that it can.

We pride ourselves on supplying smooth, steady and clear video. You won't see any curved horizons, or jello from our drone. Music gets chosen, the script editor and voice-over artists get involved, and their work is incorporated into the final video. Your company logo or property information is included.

Business videos are supposed to be engaging, punchy and interesting. As a rule of thumb, short is sweet. Making a video longer than is absolutely necessary is not going to improve it. People get bored quickly. An absorbing three-minute video is going to out-perform an average six-minute video every time.

Once everything is pulled together, we’ll upload a copy of the video to a private online link. You get a chance now to review the video and make changes - maybe you don't like a particular shot, or you'd like a certain shot to last for longer.

Once the edits are completed, you'll be provided with a final video to approve. The completed video can be provided to you in several ways:

  • We can upload it to our YouTube channel and send you the link.
  • We can send you the .mp4 video file for you to upload.
  • We can put the video onto USB sticks or CDs for distribution.
  • We use top-quality equipment.
  • We bring our expertise, built up over many years of work, to the table.
  • We know how to create video with focused messages, customised to your project.
  • Our premium editing process guarantees a professional, polished product.
  • We’re attentive to our clients’ needs - we’ll walk you through our process.

For more videos check out our YouTube channel


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