What we do

Aerial surveying of properties

A detailed aerial map and 3D model of your property will help you make better decisions.


Using drones to survey orchards, we provide vital crop and landscape information.


We'll provide precise imagery that details your plans, for your resource consent application.

About aerial surveying services

Aerial surveying is ideal for sites where an up-to-date snapshot of the area is required. The drones we use can survey areas of land from sections to large farms, accurately and quickly, and at a reasonable price.

Aerial surveying has traditionally been undertaken with planes, that can only descend to a certain height. Drones, on the other hand, can fly low to the ground and up to 120 metres above the terrain. Drones can fly under the cloud cover, which means we can carry out your aerial survey on an overcast day, increasing the window available for work, and saving time. There’s a much higher-resolution output with aerial surveying using drones, compared to planes. A drone is also much cheaper than hiring a plane.

We use advanced cloud data processing services to produce and display our maps and 3D models. This process can capture and display details approximately 100 times clearer than Google Earth.

Our maps and 3D models can be viewed online with any web browser. This allows the products to be stored conveniently, retrieved quickly and shared easily with your team members and stakeholders. The maps we produce can be annotated to mark areas of interest or make measurements.

We can work with a local, experienced land surveyor if required for any project. We also have the capability of using our own differential RTK GPS gear to record precise ground control measurements during surveys for absolute accuracy.

If having a physical record is important to you, we can arrange to print your maps up to A0 (84 cm x 119 cm) in size and laminate the maps to keep them in good condition.

If you’re a surveyor, land owner, council, property developer, business or orchard owner in Northland, and you need an aerial survey completed quickly, efficiently, and with superb accuracy and output quality, we’d be glad to hear from you.

Aerial surveying final outputs

An orthophoto (aerial map) of the land, which is a distortion-free, high-resolution map, also provided as a jpeg.
To show the colourised elevation layer, hover over the layers icon at the top right, then tick 'Aerial Property Survey, Oue Elev'.

A 3D elevation model which shows the contours of the land. Click and drag to move it around.